We Eliminate Costs & Transform Efficiency

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Everything You Need and Nothing You Don't

Simple Charting

Move from many systems and multiple costs to one platform, one monthly fee, zero upgrade costs.

Effective Billing

Seamless, effective and efficient, next generation billing management to eliminate billing headaches and costs.

Integrated Patient Care

Provide your patients with a seamless care experience with real-time communication and managed care.

Data Sharing

When you click, they click, sharing information has just been made easy, real-time, every-time throughout your patient ecosystem.

Performance Analytics

Stop guessing and start learning about your population, patients and financial metrics to protect your viability.


Caring has just got easier through secure video conferencing which means effective care in an efficient manner.

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Why MediPortal

MediPortal has built a patient engagement suite of tools that provide a seamless care ecosystem.

Designed By Doctors

Our patient engagement suite is designed by doctors for doctors. We make use technology powerful with simple and seamless flows to make it easy to use.


Our secure cloud suite means you just have to access. Sign up, create your log in, enter basic information and your suite is ready to go.

Enhancing Value

We have designed the patient engagement suite of tools to easily configure for personal workflows, to automate billing, verifying coding and critical processes to slash costs.

Personal Coaching

We designed the Patient Engagement Suite to be intuitive, with easy views and simple flows throughout. However we want to make sure that if you have a question we provide the answer hence we assign you a personal coach.


We provide you with a patient - provider ecosystem that connects you, your patients and secondary providers in a seamless care connection. Cost Efficiency, Care Effective, Profit Protecting.

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