Patients and Providers

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It's About People Not Systems

Healthcare is about people. MediPortal has built a patient engagement suite of tools that provide a seamless care ecosystem.

We Connect You To Care


Move from many systems and multiple costs to one platform, one monthly fee, zero upgrade costs.


We make it simple for Practitioners provide care


We make it seamless for Specialists to deliver care

Value Based Care


Accessible by tablets, mobiles and desktops from anywhere, anytime with any-device provides 24/7 on-demand care connectivity with real-time monitoring, tracking and alerts.


Practices use expert suites tailored for clinical, business and patient excellence, with automated, transparent workflows for primary and specialty providers, payers and patients.


Forensic auditing, timestamp and tractability functions with an integrated analytics engine for (MSO's), (IPA's) (ACO's ) and Insurance Organisations.


Telemedicine, specialist referrals, treatment, medication renewal, ePrescribing, instant direct-messaging and care conferences are seamlessly provided eliminating cost and time.


Use remote patient monitoring from wearable and standalone devices to transform patient outcomes and quality of care at home and remote regions.


Transforming the patient experience and care proposition through a seamless care ecosystem, that is the first to put the patient at the center of care.

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We have designed everything around the patient experience, ‘Yes - Everything’ That is one of the reasons we stand out and so can you. The Mediportal integrated care in every function, process sand flow to create a truly advanced care ecosystem. We don’t see providers and patients we see people working together at every level to provide a five star satisfying experience.

Independent Physician Associations

MediPortal’s Patient Engagement Suite easily replaces aging systems at minimum cost, significantly reducing delivery costs by eliminating current resource intensive systems, massive process duplication and workflow inefficiencies, leaked revenue, burned out employees and wasted resources.

Managed Service Organisations

Using an advanced cloud communications every provider and patient is automatically informed, accesses the latest medical information, uses Telemedicine access with 24/7 connectivity.

Performance Management

Effectively manage your clinical, financial and population risks through a powerful analytics engine. Reveal revenue opportunities that will provide the best value to your profitability through daily revenue cycle management views, population risk forecasting and time and resources analysis.

Your Care

We have gone far beyond the current Provider EMR offerings we have created a Provider - Patient experience that empowers People to work together in the care experience.

Reduce cost at every touch point, maximizing efficiency and deliver patient satisfaction.

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