To Transform The Patient - Provider Experience

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We Are All People First


Health care professionals at every level have learnt their expertise to spend their time providing care not doing administration.

We at Mediportal want to help health care professionals apply their expertise and have family time not have waste time and energy using out of date complex systems.


We believe that an informed patient is a better patient because they can be part of the solution in looking after their personal health.

Mediportal was founded to help patients be people first, with informed choice and control of their personal information, that's why patients can access and control their records.

We Want Partnerships Not Just Customers

We want to help you grow your practice and create a superior customer experience, because 'patients and people first'.

We understand that Patients are critical to your practice and you need to truly be patient-centered.

We have built a patient engagement suite that provides an end-to-end patient experience that far Superior to current EHR and system offerings.

We help you deliver better care, achieve increased billing build a profitable practice with satisfied patients.

Our Mission

To Give Providers More Personal Time and Provide Patients With A Consumer Experience

Our Values

We See People Not Providers or Patients and Partnerships Not Customers

We Value Working together to provide a better experience for everyone

Our Team

The Mediportal Team May Be Across Three Continents but We All Share The Same Passion Of Respecting and Supporting Each Other.

We Work As A Single Cohesive Team That Understands What We Need To Deliver To Be Your Partner.

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