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Care Transformation


Personal Care - Anytime, Anywhere.

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Medical Exchange

Record Sharing - Anytime, Anywhere.

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Patient Intelligence

Risk Management - Clinical, Financial.

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The Patient Engagement Suite

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A Turnkey Ready patient management suite with every function you need in one seamless platform. "One Click = Many Actions" simplifying work, reducing admin and eliminating costs.


Integrated EMR, Revenue, Practice ePrescribe, Alerts, Medication Renewals & Referral Management with Custom Workflows, Dictation, Value Based Care Analytics & MACRA, for MIPS & APMs much more.


Real-time information flows to mobile and tablet devices with integrated financial and clinical risk analytics, telemedicine with patient wellness and lifestyle tracking. Physician & Patient Mobile Apps.

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The Complete Care Suite


Provide family care through an integrated care suite. Let moms and dads access and control family medical records, communicate with their family physicians and communicate with healthcare specialists through a time-controlled access function, instant family and individual medical information.


A personal care ecosystem that seamlessly consolidates information and updates a patient's personal healthcare vault of health, medical, wellness and lifestyle options, connect and track personal device feeds, telemedicine options, and much more through a secure personal mobile app and web portal.


Our next generation patient engagement suite of customisable tools with integrated real-time communications allows physicians to focus on care, significantly reducing administration while greatly improving claim accuracy. The real-time analytics engine provides population and risk management.

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Simplicity Equals Efficiency

Easy Engagement

Always Personal
Always Instant
Always There

Seamless Processes

Connected Care
Specialist Care
Efficient Care

Minimal Administration

More Your Time
More their Time
More Family Time

Eliminating Systems

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MediPortal offers every care provider a suite of management tools that are always up-to-date, always accessible from any device, at a lower cost and with new income opportunists.

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Imagine, 24/7 support, personal coaching and immediate video support to change, add or reduce your range of tools. workflows and functions, Don't imagine - Enjoy.

Why Are You Using Your Current System ???

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Just ask and we will action. We understand how critical your management system is and how to minimise disruption. You run your practice we run your system.

Why Are You Using Your Current System ???

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Your personal coach will work with you, walk you through each function and help you set up how you want it.