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MediPortal automatically pulls all your medical information into one place, so you get the entire picture. We empower you to take control of the health and care of yourself and your family.

What is MediPortal?

All Your Medical Information in One Place

Many health portals promise you aggregated data and give you all of your health information at once. We don't expect you to make sense of all that data.

That's why at MediPortal we provide you with the information you want, when you want it. You can easily manage your medical and fitness information in one secure profile.

All Your Medical Information in One Place

We understand that the health industry is changing fast, and it’s hard to manage all of these new bits of information. Using our tools, we will help you to better understand these changes, so that you can insightfully apply and manage your medical and fitness information enhancing your own health journey.

Security is very important to us. MediPortal's proprietary consent engine gives you complete control over who sees your records. No one can view your medical or fitness records unless you authorize them to do so. You can manage the medical and fitness records of your family and loved ones with our easy-to-use mobile app. Communicating with your physician has never been easier via our secure messaging system.

Iphone, Ipad and Mac


Organize All Your Health Information
  • Easily keep track and manage all Medical info in one place
  • Secure communication with your physicians
  • No more request forms
  • No more waiting for medical records
Track and Manage Your Fitness Data
  • Automatically add data from your wearable and mobile fitness trackers
  • Seamlessly integrates with MediPortal Health Profile for a complete health picture
  • Track your own fitness levels, set new goals and keep winning
Get a Complete Picture of Your Health
  • Detailed Health Profile
  • Make well informed and smarter health decisions
  • All of your medical information in one place
  • Custodial accounts available
Trusted, Safe and Secure
  • You choose who and when to share information with
  • No information can be moved in or out without your prior consent
  • All information is secure using cutting edge encryption technology

Empower Yourself Today and Join Our Mission

We believe that being able to access your medical information at any time is at the core of Healthcare reform. Nobody should be left to guess what happens next or more importantly, make blind decisions based on insufficient information or education. We encourage you to be part of this mission; Paving the way to a healthier and happier life.

Simply sign up and we will notify you when your medical information is available.

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