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Mediportal is a technology company specializing in patient health and care delivery.

Mediportal’s turnkey ‘Patient Engagement Suite’ is a provider-patient health management platform designed to connect physicians to patients and provide payers and management organizations (IPA’s, MSOs, ACO’s), significant cost reduction and operating efficiency through a seamless ecosystem.

Using a comprehensive suite of management tools and patient care functions it significantly reduces operating costs by eliminating current process complexity and duplication, information silos, billing and coding issues, and paper-based legacy processes. Based on the full-stack architecture and serverless technology Mediportal delivers 24/7 provider-patient connectivity for Specialist care referrals, treatment preauthorization, medication renewal, ePrescribing, revenue management, risk and liability intelligence, instant direct-messaging, telemedicine, and care requirements.  

At Mediportal we live our signoff line of "Patients Are People First," because we are people first. We work together, challenge each other and welcome constructive feedback. We may hold different roles but we are all equal. We may be different ages but we are never too old to learn and we may have come from different backgrounds but we are always open to someone else’s perspective, why – because we are Mediportal. Join us, you’ll enjoy  

Meet the Team

Anand Prabhu

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

I have devoted 20 years to automating medical practice systems. I truly believe that the proper use of technology in our healthcare system will create better outcomes. As the founder of MediPortal, I have taken my knowledge from years in health technology, and my personal life experience, to create a solution that educates and empowers people, while solving some of the industry’s most daunting problems.

Steve Burt

Chief Operating Officer

As Mediportal’s Chief Operating Officer Steve brings a wealth of experience in building business teams for start-up through to exit in B-B & B-C. sectors.

Steve brings over 30 years of operating experience in managed healthcare services and business strategy. Steve has a deep understanding of technology enhanced workflows and user experienced efficient in ERP, EMR & Health Care Cloud Platforms using BI, AI, Blockchain Security Architecture for Consumer/Patient Applications.

Boris Zolotarev

Chief Technology Officer

Boris is an experienced multi-disciplined architect and technology officer with a track of over 20 years in Healthcare and Financial space, running daily Tech and Business operations in both established and startup companies in the EU and US.

Boris holds deep experience in the US health and medical sector building, managing and leading development teams, full project lifecycles and business applications for a range of US health service organizations. He is a passionate entrepreneur who built several startups, from the ground to exit.

Alexis Cort

Chief Compliance Officer

Alexis Cort brings over two decades of experience in operations, finance, managed care contracting and technology to Mediportal. Alexis founded Clinical Insights, LLC., a healthcare, technology and security consultancy in North Haven, CT. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of the Yale-New Haven Community Medical Group, an independent physician association of 1000 members.

Alexis has an MBA from Yale and has aerospace and mechanical engineering degrees from the University of Arizona. He holds certificates in engineering, information security and Six Sigma methodologies, and has authored a manual on HIPAA implementation for small practices, as well as patents, technical papers and research papers.

His work at the IPA included developing clinical quality programs, building several database applications to collect and report data from disparate EMR systems, and establishing the organization as a clinically integrated network with the FTC.

Dr. Dennis Chan

Chief Medical Officer

Board Certified in internal medicine and Gastroenterology,  past Chief of Staff of both Garfield Medical Center and Alhambra Hospital and over 25 years of practicing experience,  Dr. Chan has a deep understanding of the frustrations of burn-out providers using outdated EMRs.  Inspired by Anand, he believed the ultimate solution of interoperability will be a solution centered around patients. He has witnessed the dramatic change of medicine from fee-for-service to value-based care and has been serving in the Board of a prestigious IPA in Los Angeles for the past 14 years. Dr. Chan wants to be the liaison and speaker for the providers and patients representing the end-users needs.

Edwin Vargas

VP of Product Development & Ecosystems

Edwin helps MediPortal to innovate, bringing new and practical solutions that both meet today’s business and clinical needs of our diverse group of customers and partners and also help MediPortal continue to be technology leaders for their patients and customers.

Edwin is also responsible for product design and orchestration of ecosystems to maximize the customer experience. Edwin brings over 20 years of experience in product management, data analysis and data mining. Before starting this venture with MediPortal, from 2005 to 2012 Edwin was most recently Director of Technology and Product Development for Red Clay Media, a marketing firm.

Rolian Ruiz

VP of Analytics

Rolian brings proven experience in health management technology and analytics. He helped create a leading edge EHR for the maritime industry, managing more than 50M patients with 4000 daily users across enterprise clients such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, MSC Cruises, Viking Cruise and PCL Cruises.

He has been Lead Developer for consumer apps supporting more than 2000 clients in the USA market and designing and developing a new online payments system; NASDAQ: FPAY, that support the Lease to Own (LTO) sector.

Rolian earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 2009.

Joshua Miller

Director of Client Management

With over 15 years of experience in client management, Joshua Miller is a dynamic and creative Executive with a successful career in product marketing, promotions, public relations, project, and communications management.

Joshua is responsible for ensuring all of our current and future customers feel that their needs are being met and exceeded. At the helm of our Sales and Marketing Teams, he is dedicated to best in class service and support and creating exceptional customer experiences.

Joe Santana

Head of Revenue Management

Joe Santana has over 23 years’ experience in billing management and leadership across the medical sector with an established Medical billing software company as a Project manager, supervisor and head trainer. Joe hold deep understanding of the challenges and solutions to maximising billing value and driving P&L revenue performance.

Joe brings a hands on perspective on how to achieve the most accurate and beneficial coding structures and revenue cycles. He understands how to effectively streamline billing processes to improve practice management and patient experience.

Eric Holzmann

Senior PES Analyst

As Senior PES Analyst, Eric leads the quality management, customer implementation, user experience, views and work flows and training processes.

Eric has over 10 years experience in the Health Information Technology as an EHR Implementation Specialist, Project Manager and leader. He lead a design and development EHR software team that included ePrescribing, electronic medical billing, practice management etc, implementation and user training for over 200 medical practices.

Todd Hicks

Business Development

With over 20+ years of experience in IT data management and technical solutions, Todd has a deep understanding of how to improve operational environments using healthcare technology solutions and working with busy teams to upgrade legacy systems. Todd has a deep understanding of what progressions must happen to improve both the office (physicians/admin) and patient experiences.  At Mediportal Todd is focused on helping practice groups centralize their data and more importantly provide streamlined efficiency.

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